Latest SoftInWay News

February 2013

SoftInWay hosted Steam and Gas Turbine Training Course in Boston, MA, from the 11th to the 15th February. In addition to the development of basic Steam and Gas Turbine design skills, participants were able to master such advanced modern technologies as Supertcritical CO2 and ORC Turbomachinery.

January 2012

On January 8th and 9th, 2013 SoftInWay hosted a free one hour webinar called Supercritical CO2 Cycle – Advanced Power Conversion Technology. During the webinar following subjects were covered:

Overall S-CO2 Cycle Overview and heat balance simulation in modern software;
Detailed design, analysis and optimization of Turbomachinery components with AxSTREAM;
Challenges which one must overcome in order to successfully design new and efficient turbomachinery.

December 2012

On December 11-13 SoftInWay took part in the Power-Gen International Convention that was held in Orlando, Florida, USA.

SoftInWay announces New Training Schedule for the first part of 2013 to meet the growing demand for training programs in the engineering community.

November 2012

On November 14-16, in Boston, MA, USA SoftInWay organized integrated course on Steam and Gas Turbine Fundamentals and Turbomachinery Design and Optimization with AxSTREAM.

October 2012

On October 15-19 in Düsseldorf, Germany, SoftInWay organized an integrated course on Axial Turbine Fundamentals and Turbomachinery Design and Optimization with AxSTREAM.

On October 18 SoftInWay hosted free webinar Green energy – Turbomachinery for ORC. During this webinar, engineers new to ORC Cycle design gained an overall understanding of ORC concepts and more experienced professionals got in-depth understanding of the more turbine flow path design process with AxSTREAM ™

SoftInWay will support AIAA/IGTI Engine Design Competition by providing Student Teams with the educational version of their turbomachinery design software, AxSTREAM EDU.

September 2012

On September 17-21 SoftInWay held an integrated course on Centrifugal Compressor Fundamentals and Turbomachinery Design and Optimization with AxSTREAM in Boston, MA, USA.

On September 24-27 SoftInWay took part in the 41st Turbomachinery Symposium that was held in George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

August 2012

SoftInWay Inc. releases free AxSTREAM Lite edition of its well-known Turbomachinery Design Suite, named AxSTREAM Lite. Read more >>

June 2012

On June 11-15 SoftInWay Inc. was among the participants of the Turbo Expo 2012 that was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. During this Conference Dr. Leonid Moroz, founder and CEO of SoftInWay Inc., performed a stage presentation called AxSTREAM – total turbomachinery design/redesign solutions: from requirements to flow path drawings at the Exposition booth (#1711) including the presentation of our new pump design software suite AxSTREAM Hydro™.

Just before the Turbo Expo 2012 on June 8-10, SoftInWay hosted AxSTREAM Workshop on Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimization.

May 2012

On May 15-16 SoftInWay participated in the 10th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging that was held in London, UK. At the Exposition Booth #14 SoftInWay team presented recently developed features which are specially used for Turbochargers Design.

SoftInWay hosted a free webinar called AxSTREAM for Education that took place on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012. During this Webinar the participants learned about all new effective approaches to teaching design and optimization of turbomachinery with AxSTREAM.

April 2012

On April 19th SoftInWay Team organized a free webinar called Breakthrough Software Tool to design, analyze and optimize Axial and Radial Pumps that are Durable & Efficient: AxSTREAM Hydro. The webinar covered general presentation of a new software as well as detailed description of all features and modules to enable efficient and durable pump design.

March 2012

On March 26th SoftInWay announced a release of a New Pump Design Software Suite – AxSTREAM Hydro. Read Press Release

On March 6th SoftInWay Team organized a free webinar AxSTREAM 3 New Features Developed in 2011. During this webinar, the attendees Learned about AxSTREAM Updates by Module including Preliminary Design, Streamline, Profiling, AxSTRESS, AxCFD, AxSLICE and other general and very important new features.

On March 15th, 2012 Mass High Tech, the Journal of New England Technology, has featured SoftInWay Inc. Read the article.

February 2012

Students of the University of Zagreb will use AxSTREAM to learn about the fundamental principles of Turbomachinery Design and Optimization. Read the Press Release.