Turbomachinery Education and Courses

SoftInWay delivers software tools and industry training that enable you and your organization to be more effective. With our extensive curriculum from AxCYCLE™ and AxSTREAM® hands-on workshops to waste heat recovery, thermodynamic design and analysis,  and steam and gas turbine design courses, we cover the diverse training needs of our global customers.

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Turbomachinery Classroom Courses

  • AxSTREAM® Training Workshop: AxSTREAM® training workshops for turbomachinery designers offers a range of turbomachinery flow path design, analysis, and optimization capabilities along with a high level of effectiveness. The best way to truly learn and understand these capabilities and how they can strengthen your company’s design efforts is to participate in a 3-day training workshop. While there is a general course outline covering both axial and radial turbomachinery, each course is tailored to the interests and objectives of the attendees and special topic-based breakout sessions are often included.
  • Turbomachinery Fundamentals Training: Want to learn more basics of turbomachinery of axial turbines, axial compressors and centrifugal compressors? Take one of our Turbomachinery Fundamentals Courses! The 2-day classroom-based training covers multiple topics such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, structural analysis with numerous real-life examples and exercises.
  • Turbomachinery Design Courses: Choose our comprehensive five-day in-person training program to cover key principles of steam and gas turbine design, axial and centrifugal pumps, axial compressors or centrifugal compressors. Topics include thermodynamics, gas dynamics, machine sizing, blade profiling, structural analysis, machine optimization, etc. The courses contain numerous exercises allowing engineers to have hands-on experience and practice as part of their on-going turbomachinery education.

Turbomachinery Online Courses

SoftInWay offers online courses for engineers involved in turbine, compressor, pump, and cycle design. Over the course of four to fifteen days, 2-3 hours per day, our leading engineering experts will be providing you with an in-depth, practical coverage of turbomachinery systems and components design, analysis and optimization.


Join us every month for free industry-specific webinars. We cover hot trends and topics for turbomachinery design and redesign, analysis, optimization and retrofits of axial and radial turbomachinery flow paths. Any engineer is welcome, especially those working in the process, power generation and aviation industries. Check out our past webinars by registering for our Resource Center!

Self-Paced Video Courses

SoftInWay Turbomachinery University features self-paced video lectures and tutorials using SoftInWay’s industry-leading turbomachinery design software, AxSTREAM®. Its offerings are ideal if you are looking to improve your turbomachinery skills but have budget, travel, or time limitations preventing you from attending one of our full courses. Complete the course on Turbine Fundamentals and Design and the corresponding exam to receive an AxSTREAM® Turbomachinery Design Certification.