Fundamental and Practical Aspects of Waste Heat Recovery

Engine ORC Consortium

Duration: 8 Hours
Date: September 25, 2018 | 9:00AM-5:00PM
Cost: 475.00 €
Location: Lyon, France

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Dr. Vasileios Pastrikakis – Consulting Engineer

Workshop Overview and Objectives

The goal of this 1­ day course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of what waste heat recovery (WHR) systems are and how they can greatly benefit the way we look at our processes. This workshop covers everything from assessment, opportunities, development and challenges for waste heat recovery to fluid properties and selection while diving into thermodynamic cycles and design of waste heat recovery system elements and components using a combination of both theoretical and real-life examples. Additionally, specificities of WHR turbomachinery will be discussed, fundamentals of heat transfer as well as types and applications of various heat exchangers will be introduced and in-depth selection and design of axial and radial expanders will be undertaken. This includes basic equations used for the design and analysis at design and off-design conditions of such machines, explanations on what a turbine is and the use of its components and their losses, as well as elementary profiling tips and much more.

In addition, the workshop will be supported with practical case studies illustrated through the use of different software tools.

Course scope:
  • Introduction and overview of waste heat recovery and thermodynamic cycles including ORC and sCO2
  • Selection of fluid for recovering of low grade waste heat
  • Design requirements for heat exchangers used in waste heat recovery
  • Discussion of turbine applications (axial versus radial, inlet flow versus outlet flow) and when to use them
  • Overall design process of turbines for different types of expanders (including axial vs radial) as well as pumps for waste heat recovery application
  • Current design challenges and opportunities in waste heat recovery systems
Who should attend:
  • Mechanical engineers and engineering managers working with waste heat recovery systems who are looking to learn about different system and component design and optimization strategies
  • Technical managers and development engineers looking to improve or expand the product range by incorporating innovative engineering solutions into the waste heat recovery system design
  • Professionals working on investigating new renewable and green energy technologies within the automotive industry specific to turbomachinery

* Please note, lunch will be included in the price of this workshop  

* Student rates are available.  Workshop attendees will receive a complimentary ticket to the Engine ORC Consortium gala dinner.

*  The Engine ORC Consortium 2018 Workshop is an open forum for technical sharing and learning about mobile and stationary ORC systems (systems of up to 100 kW net output power). Visit to find out more and to register.  The three day program will provide a perfect platform to explore issues of common interest, share successful practices and experiences, debate new concepts with a view to increasing the level of our collaboration and collective impact.