AxSTREAM® Turbomachinery Design Workshop: 3 Day Training Overview

This 3-day workshop provides participants with a practical understanding of the design, analysis and optimization of flow paths for turbomachinery components and systems using the AxSTREAM® software platform.

During this interactive, hands-on workshop, engineers will use the AxSTREAM® software platform to design turbomachines (including conceptual design, blade profiling, 3D FEA & CFD, etc.), study secondary flows, analysis and optimization thermodynamic cycles, and more.

This workshop will include 3 days of breakout sessions (8 hours a day), one-on-one design consultation with our SoftInWay teachers, and review of actual test cases in AxSTREAM®. Upon completion, participants will be able to design and optimize a complete 3D flow path from basic boundary conditions data and will receive a free 30-day trial license of the software to continue their progress towards building more efficient turbomachinery. During the workshop, each students can choose a particular track of study based on his or her specific interests:

  • Axial turbine
  • Axial compressor and fan
  • Axial, radial and mixed-flow pump
  • Centrifugal compressor and fan
  • Radial turbine

In addition, trainees can attend a free introductory 1-Day AxCYCLE™ seminar on thermodynamic cycle design and analysis and the start of the week (Monday), and/or a 1-Day AxSTREAM NET™ seminar on thermal-fluid system modelling at the end of the week (Friday) to get an introduction on how to use these tools for various turbomachinery system calculations.

The scope includes:
  • Role of AxSTREAM® in the design process of turbomachinery
  • Preliminary design of turbomachinery
  • Detailed design of turbomachines
  • Design and off-design performance of rotating machinery
  • Optimization of turbomachines
  • Profiling and 3D blade design
  • Structural and vibration analyses (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (CFD)
  • Parametric studies and what-if analyses
  • Redesign of existing equipment
Who should attend?
  • Engineers involved in the turbomachinery design and optimization process who are looking for ways to improve the design process and significantly improve production speed
  • Engineers who are interested in learning how to use AxSTREAM® for design, analysis and optimization of rotating machinery
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxSTREAM® platform, including for evaluation purpose

The optional seminars will present the essential basics covered in more details during the:

Locations and Dates for 2018-2019
DateLocationTraining Description Registration
May 28 - 30Bangalore, KA, IndiaAxSTREAM Turbomachinery Design WorkshopRegister

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