Axial and Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps have a vast range of applications in any given industry. From transporting water from wells to water cooling in automobiles, to even fluid flow within the human body, there continues to be a need to learn about this complex mechanical device. For the purposes of this online course, we will be focusing on what axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps are, how they work, what their place is in thermodynamic cycles, how to design them and so on.

The course scope includes:

  • Overview of fluid mechanics fundamentals
  • Pump parameters
  • Centrifugal pump theory
  • Axial pump theory
  • Mixed-flow pump theory
  • Preliminary design of pumps
  • Utilization of AxSTREAM® streamline solver for axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps including meanline and streamline calculations, performance maps, and optimization
  • Design and off-design performance including stall, choke and surge
  • Cavitation phenomenon
  • Noise
  • Rotor dynamics
  • In-depth explanation of AxSTREAM® profiling and 3D analysis including axial pump profiling, 3D FEA structural and vibration analysis, and 3D CFD flow path calculations
  • Utilization of multistage pump design-specific features and more

Who should attend:

  • Mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps
  • Engineers looking to receive training on SoftInWay’s tools for the design, analysis and optimization of dynamics pumps
  • Academics that are teaching turbomachinery design and need specialized tools that allow students to easily study the influence of design parameters on size, performance, etc.
Axial and Centrifugal Pump Course Content and Schedule