Design of Waste Heat Recovery Systems - 5 Day Training Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide participants theoretical and practical training on designing waste heat recovery systems to improve energy efficiency in existing and new energy intensive systems. During this course the participants will be exposed to design of systems for waste heat recovery from low, medium and high temperature sources.

During this interactive course, the participants will have hands-on practical training on designing thermodynamic cycles and components for waste heat recovery systems using AxCYCLE™ and AxSTREAM®. This comprehensive course gives an in-depth insight into cycle analysis and turbine engineering for both axial and radial turbines, starting from general discussion like energy systems, heat exchanger types and selection, specificities of pumps in ORC and opportunities for waste heat recovery and ending with complete design of flow path and 3D blades for the turbine with attachments.

The scope includes:

  • Assessment and opportunities for waste heat recovery
  • Thermodynamic cycle analysis for waste heat recovery with different fluids
  • Basics of gas dynamics and fluid properties
  • Organic fluids and selection criteria
  • ORC design and analysis
  • Waste heat recovery component selection and design including heat exchangers
  • Turbine fundamentals and design parameters
  • Primary turbine elements, stage analysis
  • Axial and radial turbine preliminary design
  • Turbine detailed design of axial and radial turbines
  • Losses in axial and radial turbines
  • Performance and off-design turbine analysis
  • Blade profile generation and 3-D shape configuration
  • Auxiliary components, full plant cycles overview, current machine designs
  • Specificities of pumps for ORC
  • Flow and speed control systems
  • Challenges and opportunities in waste heat recovery systems

Who should attend:

  • Engineers involved in design and development of systems and technologies for the improvement of energy efficiency by recovering waste heat.
  • Professionals working on renewable and green energy technologies
  • Technocrats and entrepreneurs interested in exploring the opportunities for green energy technologies
  • Engineers who are interested in breaking into the field of turbomachinery and want to learn about waste heat recovery technologies, ORC cycle design and fundamentals of turbine preliminary flow path design and optimization as well as receive a free 1 month trial of the leading turbomachinery design and analysis software suite.
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxCYCLE™ and AxSTREAM® Platform.
  • Engineering students interested in being early adopters of the next generation of turbomachinery optimization tools and learning in depths about the capabilities of AxCYCLE™ and AxSTREAM®, the Gold Standard for Turbomachinery design.
Waste Head Recovery Detailed Plan
Date Location Training Register
23 - 27 April 2018 Boston, MA, USA Waste Heat Recovery System Design Register
14 - 18 May 2018 Bangalore, KA, India Waste Heat Recovery System Design Register

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