Turbine Retrofit/Upgrade Analysis and Design to be Featured Subject of AxSTREAM™ Training Course at ASME/IGTI Turbo-Expo 2008

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, March 14, 2008. SoftInWay, an innovator in advanced turbomachinery design software, today announced that it will be conducting a course on the use of its AxSTREAM™ Suite of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization software on June 6-8, 2008. The course will have a dedicated track to learn how AxSTREAM is used for the analysis and redesign of existing turbomachinery to improve efficiency, power, mass flow, etc.

The course is being conducted in conjunction with the ASME/IGTI Turbo-Expo Conference and Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. The conference occurs June 9-12.

“Our customers, both manufacturers and service companies, have told us repeatedly that analysis and optimization of performance of existing turbines have become major thrusts of their business, and they have found AxSTREAM the perfect tool to accomplish these redesigns,” stated Dr. Leonid Moroz, President of SoftInWay. “One service company informed us that their redesign time cycle had been reduced 70 percent through the use of AxSTREAM.”

This hands-on course will also include a separate track that will focus on the design or retrofitting of flow paths for axial and centrifugal compressors, turbochargers, fans, blowers, turbopumps, etc.

A special discount will be applied to tuition payments received by April 1, 2008 and an additional discount is available for academic organizations. Details on these discounts, course curriculum and registration details can be obtained through SoftInWay’s website at www.softinway.com.

For individuals interested in this course but are not going to Berlin for the Turbo-Expo 2008, this course will be offered again in September.

About SoftInWay

A USA corporation, headquartered in Burlington, MA, SoftInWay’s mission is to serve the high technology community by providing software products and engineering services in the area of research, design and digital prototyping of power generation equipment. The company develops products for rapid turbomachinery design, provides technical engineering services, and uses in-house and industry standard CFD, FEA and CAD tools to address design issues at the earliest possible stage to maximize engineering productivity and increase the efficiency and reliability of equipment. The core product, AxSTREAM, is an integrated solution based on the over 400 years of collective turbomachinery experience of the SoftInWay’s engineering team, with the clear goal of bringing to industry a professional software tool for rapid, optimized turbomachinery flow path design. www.softinway.com.