The National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute Incorporates AxSTREAM® Courses into its Curriculum

Burlington, MA, March 23, 2018 – SoftInWay is thrilled to announce its newest partnership with the National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (NTU “KhPI”) in Ukraine. NTU “KhPI”, a university which prides itself on providing its students with a world-class education, will begin incorporating AxSTREAM®, SoftInWay’s flagship software suite for turbomachinery design, redesign, analysis and optimization, into its core curriculum this year.

Founded over a century ago, NTU “KhPI” has always given its students the tools necessary to prepare them for life after graduation. The university is renowned for its high reputation in the field of education and research, making it one of the most sought after schools for students aspiring to be mechanical engineers and turbomachinery experts. Because NTU “KhPI” holds itself to such a high standard, the university is dedicated to ensuring that its students are fully equipped with top-of-the-line learning materials and software. It was with this in mind that NTU “KhPI” chose to both provide and teach AxSTREAM® in its turbomachinery curriculum.

“We are always thrilled when we begin a new collaboration with a college or university but I am especially excited about this partnership” Said Dr. Leonid Moroz, SoftInWay’s CEO. “NTU ‘KhPI’ is the university that gave me the knowledge and foundation to begin my career and eventually open SoftInWay. A number of our engineers have also come from this university and they have been some of the best and brightest I’ve worked with. We’re happy that we have the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge learned at this school and are looking forward to meeting these students in the professional world.”

“Our students now have access to the same powerful turbomachinery design tools that are used by professionals across the globe. AxSTREAM® will give them the opportunity to perfect their skills throughout the entire design process.” Said Dr. Alexandr Pavlovich Usaty, Head of Turbine Construction and Chair of NTU ‘KhPI’”. What we were most impressed with is the versatility of this platform – including not only complete flow path modeling capabilities, but also rotor dynamics and bearing analysis. As the job market becomes more and more competitive, we feel very confident in knowing that AxSTREAM® will give our students a competitive edge as they prepare for the future”

NTU “KhPI” will be teaching AxSTREAM® in its design of turbomachinery class focused on both theoretical and practical application of the software for compressor and turbine design. NTU “KhPI” will also be taking advantage of AxCYCLE™ for thermodynamic design and analysis.


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SoftInWay Inc. is a best-in-class engineering company specializing in developing efficient turbomachinery and power plants by offering their industry leading turbomachinery development platform, AxSTREAM ® for turbomachinery design, redesign, analysis and optimization, as well as engineering services and educational courses. Additionally, SoftInWay also offers AxCYCLE™ for the design, analysis, and optimization of thermodynamic cycles and AxSTREAM NET™ for secondary flows and cooling systems.

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