TEI Selects AxSTREAM to Develop the Aircraft Engine Industry in Turkey

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, September 18, 2009. SoftInWay Inc., a global provider of turbomachinery design software and training, announces a contract with Tusas Engine Industry Inc., a joint venture between GE, TAI, TSKGV and THK, to use the AxSTREAM software suite for turbomachinery flow path design, analysis and multidisciplinary optimization. TEI has selected AxSTREAM to take advantage of the latest in engineering technology while designing new aircraft engines.

To develop an optimized flow path for aircraft engines with respect to geometric constraints, an advanced software solution is needed. That is why TEI, one of the leading aerospace companies in Turkey, gave preference to AxSTREAM which allows conceptual design of the complete flow path and improves engineering productivity.

The AxSTREAM software suite ensures an integrated and streamlined solution that embraces the full process of turbomachinery flow path design, including preliminary design, inverse and direct 1D/2D analysis and optimization, 3D profiling/stacking of the airfoils, 3D FEA and CFD analysis, and export of the results to 3D CAD/CFD/FEA programs. According to the contract, TEI will use AxSTREAM for axial compressors and turbines.

“We strongly believe that AxSTREAM will add to our existing design capabilities for advanced technology components in our engine projects.” – said Ali Dinç, TEI Design Engineering Manager.

“By selecting AxSTREAM, TEI recognizes the value of engineering software in the design of cost-effective and highly-performance machines, – said Leonid Moroz, President and CEO of SoftInWay. – The TEI team represents an excellent mix of youth and experience, and we are honored that AxSTREAM was chosen to develop a new generation of top-level aircraft engines required by TEI’s customers.”

“We have worked extensively with TEI engineers to show benefits of AxSTREAM in the design process. We will continue to support AxSTREAM users for their success.” – said Mr. Aydin Kuntay, General Manager of Eksen Engineering, distributor of SoftInWay in Turkey.

The AxSTREAM software suite for turbomachinery flow path design is available for purchase at https://www.softinway.com/products/axstream-turbomachinery-design.asp

About TEI

TEI / TUSAS ENGINE INDUSTRY Inc. is a worldwide producer of exceptionally high quality products and services and a design center for the Aerospace Industry. The company was established in 1985, as a joint venture between TAI, TSKGV, THK and General Electric of USA. Today, TEI participates in international projects with industry leaders in aerospace and utilizes its state of the art manufacturing, service and design structure with its dedicated work force. TEI’s Headquarters is located in Eskisehir with a work force over 1000 employees, a well designed supply chain, a nationwide and overseas presence.
Website: http://www.tei.com.tr

About Eksen Engineering

Eksen Engineering Test and Simulation Ltd.Sti. is an engineering company focusing on simulation software, test and measurement equipment sales and support in Turkey.
Website: http://www.ex-en.com.tr

About SoftInWay

SoftInWay Inc. is a USA corporation, headquartered in Burlington, MA. The company’s mission is to serve the high technology community by providing software products and engineering services in the area of research, design and digital prototyping of power generation equipment. SoftInWay develops products for rapid turbomachinery design, provides technical engineering services and uses in-house and industry standard CFD, FEA and CAD tools to address design issues at the earliest possible stage to maximize engineering productivity and increase the efficiency and reliability of equipment. The core product, AxSTREAM™, is an integrated solution based on over 400 years of collective turbomachinery experience of SoftInWay engineering team, with the clear goal of bringing to industry a professional software tool for rapid, optimized turbomachinery flow path design.
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