Students of Baltic State Technical University Will Use AxSTREAM to Learn and Practice Turbomachinery Design

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, June 3, 2011. Baltic State Technical University has adopted AxSTREAM to teach turbomachinery design. The University and SoftInWay Inc. signed a software license agreement according to which the Educational Version of AxSTREAM will be incorporated into the curriculum, helping students to gain a better, real-life understanding of the basic principles of turbine/compressor design.

AxSTREAM Educational Version is meant for design and optimization for four types of machines: axial turbine, axial compressor, radial turbine and radial compressor. It consists of modules for preliminary design, 1D/2D analysis, flow path multidisciplinary optimization, airfoil profiling, 3D blade stacking and 3D FEA/CFD analysis.

Dr. Tech. Sc. Emelyanov V.N, Professor, Head of Plasmagasodynamics and thermotechnics department in Baltic State Technical University stated: “AxSTREAM software is very helpful for education of our students as it is the leading edge turbomachinery conceptual design, analysis and optimization software tool. It will help them in their future careers due to industry-leading design techniques that are implemented in AxSTREAM software. AxSTREAM software has preliminary design module that allows setting many important parameters which influence efficiency, manufacturing cost and reliability of the final design. Cascades profiling and 3D blade design features allow to create aerodynamically perfect blades taking into account technological constraints. Performance maps generation and DoE study tools are also of great importance. Finally, 3D structural and aerodynamic analyses can be carried out to tune the flow path design. I believe that AxSTREAM Educational Version will give to our students possibility to improve their practical skills in turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization”.

“SoftInWay is pleased to declare our partnership with such an authoritative university as Baltic State Technical University; for us this agreement is a great opportunity for further development of the turbomachinery design industry worldwide,” – concluded Dr. Leonid Moroz, President and CEO of SoftInWay Inc.

Beside Baltic State Technical University, AxSTREAM Educational Version is successfully used by the educational community all over the globe, including Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI, State Technical University), Kaluga Branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU), Pennsylvania State University (USA), Tsinghua University (China), Namik Kemal University (Turkey) and Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine).

AxSTREAM Educational Version is available for purchase in yearly and quarterly licenses at SoftInWay’s website

About Baltic State Technical University

Baltic State Technical University of D.F.Ustinov (BGTU) is a major Russian technical university situated in Saint Petersburg. It comprised of such faculties as Faculty of Rocket and Space Technology, Faculty of Arms and Weapons Systems, Faculty of Mechatronics and Control, Faculty of Information and Control Systems, Faculty of Power Engineering, Faculty of International Industrial Management and Communication. Since 1932 BSTU prepares highly qualified specialists in the design and operation of complex technical devices.

About SoftInWay Inc.

SoftInWay Inc. is a USA corporation, headquartered in Burlington, MA. The company’s mission is to serve the high technology community by providing software products and engineering services in the area of research, design and digital prototyping of power generation equipment. SoftInWay develops products for rapid turbomachinery design, provides technical engineering services and uses in-house and industry standard CFD, FEA and CAD tools to address design issues at the earliest possible stage to maximize engineering productivity and increase the efficiency and reliability of equipment. The core product, AxSTREAM™, is an integrated solution based on over 600 years of collective turbomachinery experience of SoftInWay engineering team, with the clear goal of bringing to industry a professional software tool for rapid, optimized turbomachinery flow path design.