Performance Maps Capabilities – AxMAP


AxMAP is AxSTREAM®’s off-design performance calculation tool/feature which uses the meanline/streamline direct solvers to obtain accurate results of how a machine will operate under different circumstances. This includes information like at which mass flow rate values the turbomachine can experience stall, choke or surge or what rotation speed allows for optimum performance for a given set of boundary conditions.


About 50 parameters can be varied for each flow path component ranging from clearances to rotation speed, restagger angle, surface roughness or inlet/outlet boundary conditions so that the off-design performance of the considered machine can easily be evaluated in tabular form as well as on 2D and 3D maps.

Users provide a minimum and maximum value to use for each variable along with the number of values to use within the provided range. Moreover, the distribution of the values within the specific range can be adjusted to concentrate points in a region and variables can also take user-defined values for an enhanced flexibility.


Experimental data can be imported to compare with the simulations performed for one or multiple designs.

Results can be exported for additional post-processing, can be saved for later use within any AxSTREAM® project as a template or can even be imported inside AxCYCLE to dynamically study thermodynamic cycles while accounting for off-design performance of the turbomachinery components.