AxSTREAM.SPACE™ – Liquid Propulsion System Development Software Bundle

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AxSTREAM.SPACE™ was created for organizations and startups in the space industry that are working on innovating technology in space propulsion. Using AxSTREAM.SPACE™, engineers can run through each step of the development process from conceptual design, to geometry of the turbomachinery components, the nozzles, and the engine.


AxSTREAM.SPACE™ Capabilities:

  • Module liquid rocket engine cycles
  • Perform 1D/2D/3D aerodynamic design and structural analysis on turbopump components (oxidizer and fuel pumps as well as turbine(s)).
  • Design the rocket nozzle and the accompanying cooling system/measures.
  • Execute the full scope of rotor dynamics and bearing design and analysis.
  • Design, analyze and optimize the entire rocket engine layout.
  • Perform system level design and analysis including modeling piping, secondary flows, as well as determine leakages and optimize axial forces.
  • Automate the entire design and development process for the turbopump and its components to save on time and human resources while ensuring optimal system integration.

This powerful program bundle permits users to design, analyze and optimize new liquid propulsion systems faster than ever before in one, easy-to-use, program. The convenient interface allows engineers to test “what if” scenarios and provides them with the ability to check thousands of turbopump component cases in minutes to identify suitable sets of design parameters for each stage of the design process.

Key Benefits:

  • Automation and AI capabilities which can substantially reduce required manpower and the need for advanced expertise, perfect for small businesses breaking into the market.
  • Unique conceptual user-friendly turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization tool which is easy to integrate into any engineering process.
  • Integrated end-to-end engineering platform, which was developed to commercialize turbopump designs from clean paper to metal.
  • Global Technical Support team of 75+ engineers with a guaranteed 1-hour response time.
  • A 20 Year Track Record of corporate excellence and successful execution of internal and external turbomachinery and system commercialization.
  • Runs on any standard PC or laptop with minimal requirements.

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