SoftinWay to Exhibit AxSTREAM™ Flow Path Design Software at Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit in Hartford, CT

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, July 1, 2008. SoftInWay, a global leader in the development of flow path design software for axial and radial turbomachinery, today announced that it will be exhibiting its AxSTREAM™ flow path design software suite at the 44th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit, July 21–23 in Hartford, CT, USA.

One of the quoted objectives of the conference is “The design of our next-generation flight and space systems (that) will be dependent more than ever on high-performance, increasingly efficient, reliable, and affordable propulsion systems.” The AxSTREAM™ suite of multidisciplinary design, analysis and optimization software is a powerful tool to make these aspirations become reality.

Applications for AxSTREAM™ include next-generation commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, military applications, supersonic/hypersonic high-speed propulsion applications, turbopumps, etc.

The AxSTREAM™ suite of software for the multidisciplinary design optimization of turbomachinery flow paths leads the designer through the design or redesign process, from preliminary design to 2D streamline analysis and optimization, to examination of flow and losses at the boundary layer of the blade or vane, 3D profiling of the blades and vanes and to finite element stress analysis, and export to 3D CFD and 3D CAD programs.

Please visit us at Booth 214 to receive a personal demonstration of AxSTREAM™.

About SoftInWay

A USA corporation, headquartered in Burlington, MA, SoftInWay’s mission is to serve the high technology community by providing software products and engineering services in the area of research, design and digital prototyping of power generation equipment. The company develops products for rapid turbo-machinery design, provides technical engineering services, and uses in-house and industry standard CFD, FEA and CAD tools to address design issues at the earliest possible stage to maximize engineering productivity and increase the efficiency and reliability of equipment. The core product, AxSTREAM™, is an integrated solution based on the over 400 years of collective turbo-machinery experience of the SoftInWay’s engineering team, with the clear goal of bringing to industry a professional software tool for rapid, optimized turbo-machinery flow path design. Website: Telephone 1-781-862-7867.