SoftInWay Presents A Training Schedule For The First Half Of 2013

Burlington, MA – December 12, 2012: SoftInWay Inc. has announced Training Schedule for the first half of 2013 to meet the growing demand for training programs in the engineering community. The company will conduct professional turbomachinery design courses and provide engineers with necessary knowledge and hands-on experience.

SoftInWay Team is presenting online and classroom trainings that help the attendees get a comprehensive theoretical background, practical skills of turbomachinery flow path design and to keep up with the latest engineering developments.

These courses are designed for engineers involved in the design or retrofitting of flow paths of turbines, compressors, turbochargers, fans, blowers and pumps, and any current user of AxSTREAM™ who is interested in getting the most out of the power of AxSTREAM™ and AxSTREAM Hydro™.

SPECIAL 20% DISCOUNT is offered to all students who will enroll in classroom training courses before Advanced Registration Deadline.

SPECIAL BONUS: ALL attendees of the AxSTREAM Workshop will receive a 1-Month Complimentary License to use AxSTREAM software.

The classroom courses will take place in three towns – Boston, MA, USA; Bangalore, India and Dusseldorf, Germany in order to make all educational programs even more available for engineers worldwide. Most courses consist of several parts, including Fundamental Theory of Turbomachinery and practical AxSTREAM Training. All students are given the option to take one or both of these courses, based on their interests and objectives. All information on classroom training courses can be obtained from SoftInWay website.

SoftInWay’s workshop instructors will help students to put the theory to practice using AxSTREAM to design, analyze and optimize turbomachinery flow path. Information about SoftInWay Teachers can be obtained here.

The full information on online training courses and schedule can be obtained here

“We are very excited about our new training schedule release. The SoftInWay Team is always working hard to meet our client needs and demands. In 2012 we have expanded our software offering, grew our team and have continued to solve very complex engineering problems. We have incorporated these new experiences and updated our classes. We are excited to share our experience and transfer our knowledge to our students and work together to make the world truly energy efficient.” – said Valentine Moroz, SoftInWay Switzerland.

About SoftInWay Inc.

SoftInWay Inc. is a global engineering company specializing in developing efficient turbomachinery by offering their flagship software, AxSTREAM for flow path design, redesign, analysis, and optimization as well as consulting services and educational courses. Website:

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Valentine L. Moroz
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