SoftInWay Partners with Engineering Software Giant Siemens

Burlington, MA, February 14, 2020 –  SoftInWay Inc., the global market leader for turbomachinery design and analysis software has joined forces with the software arm of German powerhouse, Siemens. The new partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software means a vast expansion of the software portfolio for SoftInWay’s clients. Dr. Leonid Moroz, CEO at SoftInWay commented: “In today’s digital world the design process is interconnected and interdisciplinary. We have seen through many of our clients that our own flagship software AxSTREAM is often embedded in a bigger digital design process. Whilst turbomachinery is the heart of our business, it is often a subsystem of larger systems. The new partnership with Siemens enables us to provide those embedded interdisciplinary solutions for our clients as a single vendor.”

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The new offering includes software products from Siemens’ Simcenter brand, namely the multi-physics simulation software STAR-CCM+ as well as Simcenter 3D and Siemens NX, one of the most powerful CAD packages in the market.  Dr. Moroz continues: “Our customers’ success is our utmost priority. Through the Siemens products, our clients can benefit from cutting edge CAE technology like topology optimization, non-linear structural analysis and complex CFD such as combustion and acoustics. There is almost no engineering problem we cannot solve now. In the past year we have made strategic hires to launch this partnership and expand our engineering know-how; and after quietly kicking off the partnership in November, we’re ready to hit the ground running in the new year marketing a joint solution.”

Through this partnership, SoftInWay remains at the forefront of the digital transformation it drives to its customers. The trend towards faster development cycles and digital design sign-off is continuing across all industries. The additional insight customers can gain by using these advanced CAE tools ultimately leads to an integrated solution to simulate and optimize entire systems and associated components. The Digital Twin market is estimated to grow to USD 35 billion by 2025 and the SoftInWay team is committed to expand their offerings further by integrating AxSTREAM with their new Siemens partner software for a holistic Digital Twin. This partnership will bring unmatched design and analysis solutions to drive market-leading innovation in the turbomachinery sector.


About SoftInWay

SoftInWay, Inc. is a global R&D engineering company specializing in the development of efficient turbomachinery components and systems by offering its integrated and automated software platform, AxSTREAM ® for all steps of the turbomachinery design, redesign, analysis, and optimization process (including complete 3D design, thermodynamic cycles, rotor dynamics, and secondary flow and cooling system simulation). SoftInWay also offers a number of engineering services and educational courses, available both online and in a classroom-style setting.

SoftInWay is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 certified and committed to providing our customers with products and services that meet international quality standards.

SoftInWay supports more than 450 companies worldwide, and works closely with universities, research laboratories, and government organizations.

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