SoftInWay Instructors

Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO
Dr. Leonid Moroz 
  • 30+ years industrial & research experience
  • Lead designer for AxSTREAM®
  • Formerly with NPO TURBOATOM
  • Expertise in flow path design of gas turbines and steam turbines, analysis of transient operating conditions and in thermal field testing (220MW – 1000 MW)
Director of Engineering at SoftInWay
Director of Engineering
Dr. Boris Frolov
  • 35+ years of industrial & research experience
  • Expert in long blade aeromechanics with numerous publications and patents
  • Formerly with GE Energy, Russia
  • Ph.D. thesis on Optimization with controlled reaction


Structural Expert
Aerospace Engineer
Mr. Joseph P. Veres
  • 44+ years of research and industrial experience including NASA, Teledyne, and Dresser-Rand
  • Primary area of research: development of turbopump technology for liquid propelled rocket engines
  • Designed numerous high-performance compressor stages for small turbojet, turbofan and turboshaft engines for military aircraft propulsion systems
Chief Scientist
Chief Scientist
Dr. Yurii Govorushenko
  • 30+ years of academic, Research and Industrial experience
  • Co-authored 2 books on turbine design and optimization
  • Has more than 80 publications on turbomachinery
  • PhD on Axial Turbine Optimal Design Methods
Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Mr. Eugenio Rossi 
  • 25+ years of experience leading major development projects in power generation, oil and gas, and renewable energy
  • Impacted product lines include gas turbines and process compressors from 2 to 360 MW for GE, Siemens, and Alstom
  • Responsible for various projects in power and aerospace technology.
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Dr. Roman Kochurov 
  • 12+ years of industrial and research experience
  • Expertise in strength of structures, machinery vibrations, rotor dynamics, reliability and lifetime prediction, turbines transient operation and thermo-structural analyses and FE mechanical analyses
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Consulting Engineer
Dr. Vlad Goldenberg, PE
  • 15+ years of industrial & research experience
  • Extensive experience in centrifugal compressor development (clean-sheet design, testing, product launch, etc.) for Daikin Applied and Cummins, inc.
  • Manages commercial and government projects for centrifugal machinery development and commercialization
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Applications Engineer
Lead Engineer:
Mr. Clement Joly
  • 9+ years of industrial & research experience
  • Expert in axial and radial turbines, cycles
  • Instructor of a number of courses including Axial Turbine Design, AxCYCLE Workshop, Waste Heat Recovery Systems Design, and Radial Turbine Design
  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering