SoftInWay Gives Back to the Engineering Community

Turbomachinery Mainstay Donates Commercial Software to AIAA Competition for 9th year in a row.

Burlington, MA, March 2, 2020 – For the 9th year in a row, SoftInWay is sponsoring the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Undergraduate Engine Design Competition to design a gas turbine engine for a supersonic business jet. Engineering students from around the world come together for this competition and apply their talents and skills in a scenario very similar to what they will encounter in their professional careers.

Competitors will be challenged with designing a gas turbine engine to replace the current propulsion system on a supersonic business jet. The new engines should enable the plane to travel past the speed of sound and complete a transatlantic round trip in a day without generating sonic booms over land. Excess noise was part of the reason the famous Concorde supersonic airliner had to be retired, in addition to excessive fuel consumption and unaffordable airfare.

Using SoftInWay’s proprietary AxSTREAM® software platform, students will be able to design and analyze their supersonic engine concepts based on the required specifications while avoiding the pitfall of using multiple programs for different stages of the design process and needing to be proficient in multiple design programs.

“We love sponsoring these competitions, because it’s at the heart of what we do. We work with hundreds of colleges and universities supporting young engineers in their journey towards the professional world. Often, these students will go onto work for companies developing next generation aerospace technology such as a supersonic engine or turbopump in a rocket. And AxSTREAM will be there for them every step of the way.” Said Valentine Moroz, COO of SoftInWay, Inc. “What’s really exciting for us, is that previous winners in this competition used AxSTREAM to create their award-winning designs. The ideas these engineers develop today, can change the world tomorrow.”

“Thanks to SoftInWay’s software donation, students are able to use industry leading tools to simulate a real-world exercise. I have enjoyed their support in helping to develop critical thinkers as it applies to gas turbine engines through this competition.” Said Andrew Yatsko, Chair of the AIAA undergraduate engine design competition.

SoftInWay has a long history of working with educational and research institutes, supporting more than 300 universities around the world with its AxSTREAM® EDU platform. Additionally, SoftInWay has for years sponsored different competitions to design turbomachinery in the aviation industry as well as the space exploration business and power generation industry. Moroz concluded saying that the SoftInWay team is excited to see what these bright and talented engineering students will design in this competition, and proud to encourage creativity and innovation in these young engineers.


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