SoftInWay Announces Release of AxSTREAM™ Educational Version for Radial Turbomachinery

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, January 2, 2007. Educational Version of AxSTREAM™ Radial Turbomachinery Design and Optimization Program Released for Colleges and Universities.

This program constitutes a “learn as you go” course that aids students in understanding the overall design and performance principles of radial turbines and centrifugal compressors through the same fully interactive AxSTREAM™ design programs used by engineering professionals throughout the world. The educational version is configured to be easily integrated into the teaching process and course curricula.
“After the successful release of the educational version of AxSTREAM™ for axial turbines and compressors, we received many requests from university faculty to develop a similar module for radial turbomachinery,” stated Dr. Leonid Moroz, President of SoftinWay. “This module will add an important and advanced learning tool to academia.”
“I believe SoftinWay has a very attractive product that contains a multitude of useful features, many of which are available only in much more expensive packages,” stated Dr. Ian Halliwell, Research Scientist at Ohio State University. “AxSTREAM™ makes realistic turbomachinery design capabilities affordable. It bridges the gap between preliminary engine design and CFD. Engineering design is the process that turns thermodynamic concepts into hardware and to date, in the university design environment, it has been difficult to go beyond velocity diagrams in a realistic fashion, even on a senior level.” With AxSTREAM™, this can be done quite readily, enabling student interest to be heightened by their being able to see a final product very quickly using tools that are similar to those used in the major engine companies.”
Gaining marketable skills in turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization, the student (individually or in study teams) will be able to:

SoftinWay Inc, an innovator in advanced turbomachinery design software and the creator of AxSTREAM™ Design and Optimization suite of programs, today unveiled a new version of its Radial Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimization Program for use in colleges and universities. This new educational version provides students and faculty access to leading edge turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization software at minimum expense.

New features include:

Design a flow path based on given overall application requirements;

Mixed/Radial/Axial flow path Meanline analysis and optimization with support of “as-designed” and off-design operational conditions

Appreciate the interactions between aerodynamic performance and mechanical integrity;

Generate cascade profiles that easily relate to aerodynamic theory;

Perform fully 3 dimensional blade design;