SoftinWay Announces New Bundle of AxSTREAM™ Educational Version for Design and Optimization of Turbomachinery Flow Paths

Burlington, MA, November 28, 2007. Special Bundle Promotion to Mark One Year Anniversary of Release of Educational Version of AxSTREAM™ Radial Turbomachinery Design and Optimization Program for Colleges and Universities.

SoftinWay Inc, an innovator in advanced turbomachinery design software and the creator of AxSTREAM™ Design and Optimization suite of programs, today announced a special bundle for its Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimization Educational Program for use in colleges and universities computer lab. The bundle allows simultaneous access and practice for turbomachinery design to multiple students. Smallest bundle will be for 10 students.

Just in time for Winter/Spring semester, universities can take advantage of the special promotion price with 33% discount until January 15, 2008. Additional details about term and promotion price can be found on the SoftInWay website or by contacting

The educational version of AxSTREAM provides students and faculty access to leading edge axial and radial turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization software at minimum expense.

The program constitutes a “learn as you go” course that aids students in understanding the overall design and performance principles of axial and radial turbines and compressors through the same fully interactive AxSTREAM™ design programs used by engineering professionals throughout the world. The educational version is configured to be easily integrated into the teaching process and course curricula.

“AxSTREAM is a highly efficient and integrated turbomachinery design system that includes many years of valuable design expertise,” states Dr. Cengiz Camci, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University. “The software is highly integrated with many well known design methods, loss correlations and efficiency definition systems. Industrial design exercises can be effectively completed in short amounts of time. A complex multi-stage design can be quickly analyzed for stress concentrations and flow field anomalies using built-in solvers. The use of this design suite in turbomachinery education both at undergraduate and graduate level should enhance the quality of engineering education in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering programs. The student’s time consumption from concept to multi-stage turbomachinery design is shortened immensely.”

Gaining marketable skills in turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization, the student (individually or in study teams) will be able to:
Design a flow path based on given overall application requirements;
Appreciate the interactions between aerodynamic performance and mechanical integrity;
Perform design optimization encompassing 1D and 2D direct problem computation;
Generate cascade profiles that easily relate to aerodynamic theory;
Create full 3 dimensional blade/vane designs;