Heat Balance Calculation of Organic Rankine Cycles with AxCYCLE™ Online Course

This 4 days, 3 hours per day, online-based training course provides participants with the knowledge to perform Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) design, analysis and optimization. During this interactive, hands-on workshop, engineers will use the AxCYCLE™ software to successfully perform modeling and simulation of these cycles at design and off-design conditions as well as undertake optimization tasks.

The course scope includes:

  • An introduction to the AxCYCLE™ software
  • AxCYCLE™ components and how to use them
  • Working fluids selection
  • Cycle assembly
  • Property types
  • An overview of the best practices in AxCYCLE™
  • How to perform ORC calculations in AxCYCLE™
  • Process diagrams (T-S & P-H)
  • Off-design performance prediction
  • Cycle optimization
  • Advanced cycles
  • Heat balance results post-processing
Who should attend:
  • Design or development engineers, or specialists who are involved in the ORC design process
  • Commissioning engineers, sales engineers and project managers who are participating in the design and optimization process of turbomachinery systems for ORC
  • Engineering students looking for a comprehensive hands-on course allowing them to meet the requirements of their future customers or employers

*  Heat Balance Calculation of Organic Rankine Cycles with AxCYCLE™  courses are by request only. Request more information here