AxCYCLE™ Online Workshop

This online training workshop provides participants with an understanding of the design, analysis and optimization of thermodynamic cycles using AxCYCLE™. Over the course of this workshop, 4 days consisting of 3 hours per day, engineers will learn about how to use the AxCYCLE software to successfully perform modeling and simulation of thermodynamic cycles at design and off-design conditions as well as undertake optimization tasks and evaluate economic indices to determine feasibility and return on investment for various cycle configurations, fuel types, renovation schedules, etc.

The course program can be customized according to the participant’s needs and permits the students to select a particular track of study based on their specific interests and applications. Some topics of study can include gas turbine/supercritical CO2 (Brayton) cycles, steam cycles, combined cycles, refrigeration cycles, ORC, and waste heat recovery systems.

The course scope includes:
  • An introduction and overview of AxCYCLE™ and its capabilities
  • Simulation of single component systems and troubleshooting
  • Creation and calculation of simple cycles
  • Best practices for cycle assembly and problem formulation flexibility
  • Modification of existing cycles and performance of efficient recalculation
  • Off-design characteristics
  • Creation of advanced cycles and multi-fluid systems
  • Economic calculations using AxCYCLE™ for economics
Who should attend:
  • Engineers working on thermodynamic cycle simulation and optimization that would like to learn a new, affordable tool that portrays flexibility and efficiency for cycle conceptual phases as well as analysis of existing systems based on few known parameters.
  • Engineers involved in the turbomachinery design and optimization process who are looking for ways to quickly and accurately evaluate the feasibility and performances of the entire system in a one-of-a-kind integrated turbomachinery platform.
  • Engineers who are interested in deepening their hands-on experience on heat balance calculation while receiving a free one-month trial of AxCYCLE™.
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxCYCLE™, including for evaluation purposes.
  • Engineering and turbomachinery scholars interested in learning about AxCYCLE™ to better prepare themselves for their next professional opportunity.
Online Course Schedule for AxCYCLE™ Workshop
DateTimeTraining DescriptionRegistration
December 14th - 17th
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM ESTAxCYCLE WorkshopRegister