Piracy Policy

We at SoftInWay work hard to provide you with the software and resources to help your business grow.  To assist us in our mission to provide a valued product, we ask for your assistance in battling against the illegal use of our software.

Software piracy is illegal and causes a drain on our resources and represents a potential threat to your business as cracked software may increase the risk of a cybersecurity attack in your network, resulting in loss of data, revenue, and reputation.

Please report any piracy-related activities to: legal@softinway.com and/or by filling out the below form. SoftInWay will not prosecute any individual who willingly comes forth, admits to past illegal use of SoftInWay's software, and agrees to lawfully purchase a license.  If you supply SoftInWay with information that leads to recovering lost license fees and/or damages from individuals and/or companies that have utilized unlicensed copies of SoftInWay's software, SoftInWay will pay you a reward equal to 10% of the recovered amounts minus attorneys' costs and associated fees.

We appreciate your willingness to provide us with information concerning the illegal use of our software. While we would appreciate knowing who you are, we understand if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Please note that anonymous tips are not eligible for a reward. All information submitted through this form will remain confidential.