SoftInWay Announces AxSTREAM Hydro – New Pump Design Software Suite

Burlington, MA – March 26, 2012: SoftInWay is pleased to announce the release of new, exceptionally powerful design software, called AxSTREAM Hydro™ which is aimed to provide comprehensive, affordable, easy-to-use, pump design, redesign, analysis and optimization. This unique software will lead the user through all the necessary steps to provide an integrated and streamlined solution for the complete flow path design process of axial and radial machines.

Starting from preliminary design (defining basic machine performance from a few simple parameters), AxSTREAM Hydro™ goes through meanline (1D) and axisymmetric (2D) analysis, profiling and 3D blade design of the blades, finite element analysis, finishing with export of the geometry to 3D CAD model or for CFD calculation.

With this breakthrough software, engineers can design the pumps of any power capacity and delivery. It will be especially useful for hydraulics, chemical, petrochemical, fuel, maritime industry and other industries dealing with the pumping of fluids.

AxSTREAM Hydro™ has the following features:

Axial and radial pumps flow path design from scratch using a small number of basic parameters and a set of geometric constraints

Preliminary design and sizing with functionality to pre-screen, visualize and verify hundreds of designs. Capability to optimize passage dimensions and number of blades

Flow path meanline analysis and optimization which supports “as-designed” and “off-design” operational conditions

Performance maps generation

3D airfoil design in automatic and interactive modes with geometric and strength criteria monitoring. Custom stacking Volute design. Creation and export of spatial volute geometry

Export of airfoils geometry to CAD/CAE programs in IGES, STL and other formats used by Turbogrid (CFX), Gambit (FLUENT) and AutoGrid(NUMECA)

Multidisciplinary optimizer based on design-of-experiment methodology. Helps to search for optimal solution for multi-criteria problems

Express structural and modal analysis with automatic mesh generation

Automatic recognition of CAD and laser-scanned objects. Really useful for retrofitting, reverse engineering and benchmark tasks based on existing machines

With the release of AxSTREAM Hydro™, a new Pump Design Training Course will be launched in the near future to meet our clients’ needs and help them to advance their flow path design, analysis and optimization skills through instructions, multiple design examples and practical exercises under the supervision of our Industry Experts.

Also, in connection to the AxSTREAM Hydro release, SoftInWay hosts a free 1-hour webinar called “Breakthrough Software Tool to design, analyze and optimize Axial and Radial Pumps that are Durable & Efficient: AxSTREAM Hydro” that will take place on Thursday, April 19th at 10 am and 4 pm EDT. The webinar will cover general presentation of a new software as well as detailed description of all features and modules to enable efficient pump design.

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