Gas Turbine Fundamentals Workshop at Power-Gen International


CPC 201    Gas Turbines Fundamentals – Cycles, Turbine Design & Analysis, Blading, Cooling

Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Room: S330B
Cost:  $525.00

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Clement Joly, Application Engineer, SoftinWay; Leonid Moroz, CEO, SoftInWay

Who Should Attend

Mechanical engineers and engineering managers working in design, operation and maintenance in the oil & gas and power generation industries looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on what axial gas turbines are and how they work from thermodynamic cycle and aerodynamic design to cooling.

Course Overview and Objective

The goal of this 1-day course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of basic theory of axial gas turbines design and their operation in Brayton thermodynamic cycles. It covers essential concepts from reminders on gas dynamics to prediction of machine performance at design and off-design conditions while diving into the overall cycle that it will be part of. It will also discuss where we lose efficiency in our turbines, which can then help us make wise retrofitting decisions. Moreover, turbine blade profiling will also be discussed from elementary boundary layer definition to interpreting loading diagrams as well as performing and understanding 2D and 3D aerodynamic calculations. Additionally, importance of cooling and typical cooling schemes will be presented. Finally, stresses, creep, high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue on gas turbine components (with a focus on blades) will be presented and start-up and shut-down concepts and restrictions will be highlighted. Hand exercises will be provided for the attendees to apply the knowledge acquired.

Course Highlights
  • Gas Dynamics
  • Brayton & Combined Cycles
  • Gas Turbine Advantages
  • Layouts & Factors Affecting their Operation
  • Definition and Parameters of Turbine Stage
  • Multistage Turbines
  • Losses in Axial Turbines
  • Fundamental Equations used in Preliminary Design and Performance Calculations of Axial Turbines
  • Turbine-Compressor Matching & Off-Design Performance
  • Blade Profiling
  • Cooling
  • Life Assessment
Instructors’ Biographies

Clement Joly, Application Engineer, SoftinWay
Clément Joly is an Application Engineer at SoftInWay since January 2013. Mr. Joly specializes in steam and gas axial turbines, cycle design and analysis as well as waste heat recovery and supercritical CO2 technologies. He teaches courses on fundamentals of turbomachines as well as design workshops.

Leonid Moroz, CEO, SoftInWay
Dr. Leonid Moroz is SoftInWay’s Founder & CEO with over 30 years of experience in turbomachinery designing flow path for steam and gas turbines. At SoftInWay, he leads the AxSTREAM development, the “gold standard” software suite for design and optimization of turbomachinery, and advises the consulting team on design projects.