1D-3D Advanced Pump Design

Early Cavitation Prediction with AxSTREAM and STAR-CCM+

Designing pumps which meet the wide range of industrial applications and standards has never been easier than today with AxSTREAM and STAR-CCM. By determining key parameters such as suction cavitation performance at the beginning of design process, users can minimize development cost and maximize pump efficiency.


Through AxSTREAM’s Preliminary Design Solver, users can generate thousands of flow path geometries that satisfy previously defined boundary conditions and geometric parameters within given constraints such as NPSHr. From there, users can filter and sort their designs based on estimated cavitation performance; selecting the optimal design and moving on to 1D/2D meanline/streamline analysis and blade profiling before seamlessly passing the design to STAR-CCM+ for advanced CFD analysis and detailed cavitation predictions.

STAR-CCM+ for Pumps

Key Benefits:

  • Predict Pump Performance for any type of pump
    • Bladed, positive displacement, regenerative turbine pump
  • Reduce Cost and dependence on physical testing
  • Explore more design alternatives earlier
  • Meet hydraulics industry standards (ANSI, API ISO)
  • Discover all physical aspect: Flow, thermal, structural/rotor dynamics behavior
  • More performance insight across wider operating range
  • Rapid and detailed cavitation predictions

Primary Capabilities:

  • Preliminary design, meanline/streamline analysis and blade profiling in AxSTREAM
  • Fully integrated/automated design and analysis system comprising clean-sheet design, CAE, and CAD systems with intuitive interfaces across platforms and disciplines
  • Easy automated mesh generation
  • Integrated design exploration for DOE, Sweeps, multiobjective- optimization
  • Multiphysics solution: Multiphase flow, dispersed particles, detailed cavitation, thermal, steady state and transient
  • Reduce NPSHr by objective based optimization
  • Code well validated against experiments

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