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Oil & Gas Turbomachinery Solutions 

Oil and gas is the bread and butter of a number of industries including aerospace, manufacturing, and automotive. Additionally, this industry has seen significant changes in the revenue generated. To this end, power generation based on older oil and gas models will need to come in line with new efficiency demands, environmental guidelines, new refinery processing techniques, and oil and gas that is being mined from new geographical locations and sources.

SoftInWay is the partner of choice for many OEMs in the oil and gas industry who have engaged us in collaborative design projects which span the spectrum of turbomachinery. Through our engineering expertise and our AxSTREAM® design software platform, we are enabling our oil and gas clients to design tomorrow’s more efficient, fully optimized, better performing turbomachinery , while saving them time and money.

We realize the oil and gas industry will be meeting energy demands for many years ahead. The difference will come in how those demands are met. SoftInWay continues to strive toward innovations that will help the oil and gas industry meet growing power needs while adhering to the demands for a more efficient and cleaner environment. Our capabilities include:

  • Pumps and compressors
  • Drilling and extraction equipment
  • Fire protection systems
  • Liquid handling systems
  • Steam systems

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