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Government & Defense Turbomachinery Solutions 

The government and defense industry is always changing. In the last decade, we have seen funding drop significantly. This could be seen as problematic, however, with every problem comes a solution. With limited funding comes a need for innovation. Innovation that provides smaller, lighter, more efficient components without breaking the metaphorical bank.

Another shift that has occurred in this industry is that both the government and defense sectors have embraced virtual testing in favor of experimental field testing wherever possible. Given the significant reliance on research and development, this is no surprise.  One of SoftInWay’s core tenets is our belief in the power of preliminary design through software modeling. In fact such testing has become an underpinning of our success and the success of our clients. In simple terms it saves time and money and all but eliminates the inherent costs and dangers of field testing.

At SoftInWay we continue to position ourselves as leaders in innovative turbomachinery design with a focus on efficiency, cost savings, and optimization to help the government and defense industry meet the need for agile, lighter, and more fuel efficient turbomachinery designs. Not only to we provide consulting services, but we also offer industry leading software solutions. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - small gas turbine engines
  • Drones - compressors and fans
  • Missiles - small rocket engines
  • Fighter Jets - jet engines
  • Tanks - compressors and fans
  • Submarine propulsion - steam turbines
  • HVAC and refrigeration – compressors and fans

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