AxCYCLE™ for Gas Turbine Cycles


Allied with the AxSTREAM® platform, AxCYCLE™allows designers to perform a very significant part of the gas turbine cycle design, analysis and optimization process.

About Gas Turbine Cycles

AxCYCLE™ for Gas Turbine Analysis
AxCYCLE for Gas Turbine Analysis

The gas turbine is an internal combustion engine that uses air as the working fluid.
The engine extracts chemical energy from fuel and converts it to mechanical energy using the gaseous energy of the working fluid to drive the engine.

AxCYCLE™ software allows users to analyze thermodynamic processes in each element of the gas turbine plant. Little time is needed to design, calculate and analyze different types and configurations of gas turbine cycles. For each component, the user only needs to set or a specific few main parameters, and once complete, the user will automatically obtain updated results for other components from the scheme

Benefits of using AxCYCLE™ for Gas Turbine Cycles:
  • AxCYCLE™ is integrated in the design process
  • Input of mandatory data to get the turbomachinery elements’ boundary conditions as cycle results almost instantaneously
  • Only thermodynamic data is required (no mechanical or geometric data needed)
  • Flexibility of problem formulation to determine either output power based on boundary conditions or the other way around
  • Use of components performance map allows studying behavior and performance of entire system at off-design conditions
  • Generate automated, printer-friendly reports
  • Results can be saved to be used in AxSTREAM™ for design purposes

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