Research & Development

Turbomachinery design/upgrade and performance analysis projects are a big focus for the SoftInWay engineering team.

To stay ahead of new design techniques and to keep up with advanced technologies, our team has developed numerous internal and commercial software tools, specific for turbomachinery and turbomachinery systems, especially in Aero, CFD and heat transfer areas, to meet the changing needs of our diverse customers and to remain at the forefront of our core disciplines. We also use all the industry standard packages based on client and project requirements.

In the end, our goals are aligned with the goals of our clients: use all available resources to create and optimize turbomachinery to be as efficient as possible on a conservative budget and ahead of schedule.

We provide engineering consulting services in turbomachinery of a wide range of power, size, working fluid, and configuration. The spectrum of applications is also very large, from low-power portable devices to massive engines and power plants.

Leverage our extensive experience with different configurations including axial, radial, mixed flow and counter rotating machines as well as single and multistage in single shaft and multi-shaft arrangements.

Also, we have done extensive projects that involve operating in complex thermal schemes with intermediate heat exchangers and fluid injections/extractions (including cooling), cycle conversion projects, Turbocharger designs, etc.

What kind of Turbomachinery Design problem can we help you solve?