Project ROI & Economic Analysis

The SoftInWay team offers extensive consulting services to help you find a solution to your economic predicaments. Here at SoftInWay, we are able to quickly and easily estimate and compare the costs of one or many projects,configurations, fuels, etc. to determine the viability of a thermodynamic system throughout its life cycle, saving you precious time and money. We take the time to examine your technical challenges to allow for techno-economical optimization as we analyze the trade-offs between thermal performance and system complexity in relation to cost without requiring detailed information about the different components. You can trust that our engineering experts are equipped and ready to make your project a success in the most economically efficient way possible.

Some of our capabilities include:

  • Capital cost estimation
  • Selection of power generation technology and process scheme
  • Fuel type selection
  • Comparison of different scenarios/projects
  • Economic analysis throughout a given life cycle
  • Economic assessment of enlargement or renovation


Want to see how SoftInWay can help you design your project? Watch our recorded webinar on cost estimation and economic analysis, or us our “Contact” form to your right.