Embry Riddle Aeronautical University will leverage AxSTREAM in their research

Students of the Gas Turbine Lab at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) spend much of their research on jet propulsion, green gas turbine engine technology, lean engineering and waste heat recovery. Starting next semester however, these students will be able to increase their research capabilities by leveraging AxSTREAM Edu.

SoftInWay Inc., an international engineering firm specializing in turbomachinery software, training and consulting, is providing AxSTREAM Edu licenses to the ERAU Gas Turbine Laboratory. AxSTREAM Edu is an educational version of the company’s flagship software and provides students with a set of modern design tools that are used in the industry.

Each year, SoftInWay donates AxSTREAM Edu for teams competing in the Team Engine Design Competition held by the AIAA and the ASME IGTI. After competing in the competition, ERAU gained appreciation for the tool and decided to incorporate AxSTREAM into its research and curriculum.

“We are honored that Embry Riddle is going to use our software,” said Valentine Moroz, COO of SoftInWay. “This is one of the best schools for aerospace and propulsion studies and we really hope the students will benefit from it and come out with some really great research. We’re always excited to work with universities.”

“Working with SoftInWay has been great,” said Dr. Magdy Attia, assistant professor for the Department of Aerospace Engineering at ERAU, “We’re excited to give software access to the student body and really ramp up our research and work on some really cool stuff.”

AxSTREAM and its versions of AxSTREAM Edu and AxSTREAM Lite are currently implemented in over 30 international university curricula with over 1,000 student users and used in over 150 commercial companies worldwide.


About SoftInWay: SoftInWay Inc. is a company of turbomachinery specialists dedicated to improving turbomachinery efficiency. We offer extensive expertise through our training and consulting services and provide turbomachinery software solutions for flow path design, redesign, analysis, and optimization. We support over 150 companies worldwide including OEMs, EPCs, and other service providers in power generation, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, automotive and clean tech sectors and we work closely with universities, research laboratories, and government and defense organizations to bring solutions to the turbomachinery industry. www.softinway.com