Performance Testing During the Turbomachinery Development Process Online Seminar

Date: Tuesday, August 25th

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Cost: $100 USD


Turbomachines are widely used in the modern world and can be found in nearly every industry where equipment is used; from large steam and gas turbines in power plants, to aero engines in passenger jets, to turbochargers, micro turbine range extenders in automobiles and many more. Along with the design of these powerful machines, performance testing is a critical part of the development process to ensure product reliability and successful operation. Whether used to generate data for a baseline prototype, validate new operating ranges, or benchmark current machines against new designs, test data must be reliable, accurate, repeatable and should guarantee safe operation of the turbomachine under design and off-design operating conditions.

Testing in Turbomachinery

This online seminar will be the first in a series covering turbomachinery testing specific to the design process. The seminar will focus on testing requirements for turbomachinery components during the development process under laboratory conditions. Throughout this session, the various types of test facilities (stationary vs. rotating rigs, cascade vs. full turbomachinery test equipment, etc.), the concept of geometric and aerodynamic similarities to properly scale testing prototypes with any desired, lower cost fluid (like water instead of actual propellants for rocket turbopumps for instance) and pros and cons of model vs. prototype testing will be presented.

By the end of the seminar, attendees will have a strong understanding of what type of testing facility they should use for their application, what examples of standard codes (including ASME PTCs) they could use to ensure following industry-approved guidelines and how to make smart, money-saving choices for how to test a given component or system with safety, environmental goals and requirements in mind. It will be assumed that attendees are familiar with basic concepts of what turbomachines are (if this is not the case for you please let us know so we can recommend some materials for you to bridge the gap).

This session will include:

  • Stationary test facilities (linear, annular and sector testing)
  • Rotating rigs (open vs. closed loop, low vs. high speed)
  • Details to ensure accurate performance testing in rigs
  • Introduction to some main industry-standards of testing good practice
  • Geometric and aerodynamic similarities
  • Testing of models and prototypes
  • Cascade tunnels and turbomachinery test rigs

Who should attend:

  • Mechanical engineers and designers involved in the design/redesign and testing process for new and existing machines
  • Managers and Executives looking to expand their knowledge on testing requirements for turbomachinery components in order to make informed, cost-effective decisions within their engineering workflow and organization
  • Engineering teams from start-up and research organizations looking to gain a deeper understanding of testing facilities and standard codes to meet industry requirements.


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