AxSTREAM® Platform Workshop – Sustainable Energy Focus

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This training is a follow-along workshop focused on providing participants with a high-level understanding of the design, analysis and optimization of turbomachinery components and systems through the AxSTREAM® platform. Although the skills taught are transferable to other applications, the examples presented will focus on the topic of sustainable (clean) energy.

During this interactive hands-on workshop, engineers will be introduced to various modules of the AxSTREAM® platform to model thermodynamic cycles, design turbomachinery components with alternative fluids (including sCO2, hydrogen, ORC, etc.), analyze rotor-bearing systems, and study thermal-fluid network modeling. By the end of this workshop, attendees will have a high-level understanding of how they can build a conceptual design of a turbomachine from scratch as well as model and simulate secondary flow systems and rotor-bearing assemblies in AxSTREAM®.

This crash course is divided into 5 independent sections, each 4 hours long (2 days x 2 hours). Sections and topics covered are listed below:

  1. Thermodynamic cycle development based on examples such as:
    1. Waste heat recovery
    2. Nuclear power generation
    3. Hydrogen power cycles
    4. sCO2 power cycles
    5. Heat pump cycles
  2. Design of compressors/pumps flow path
    1. Fuel cell compressors
    2. sCO2 compressors
    3. Refrigerant pumps
  3. Design of turbine flow path
    1. Gas turbines
    2. ORC turbines
    3. sCO2 turbines
  4. Rotor-bearing system modeling
  5. Steady-state and unsteady thermal-fluid network modeling of:
    1. Gas turbine secondary flow systems
    2. Piping/pipeline infrastructure
    3. Lubrication (including oil system)

This is an introductory workshop (no theoretical contents will be presented) aimed at showcasing the capabilities of AxSTREAM® and how you can use it to simplify and improve your workflows. All attendees will receive a free 30-day trial license and technical support for the relevant software capabilities to follow along during the workshop and further their skills once the training concludes.

  • The registration fee for commercial organizations is $300.00 per section (2x2 hours) per individual
  • The registration fee for academic organizations is $250.00 per section (2x2 hour) per individual)
  • Group rates are available upon request (restrictions apply)

Participants can register for any number of topics since these sections can be taken together or independently.

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