AxSTREAM NET™ Online Workshop

During the beginning stages of the thermal-fluid system design process, the geometry is undefined. In this design phase, a flexible method of varying the geometry and elements of the thermal-fluid system is very useful for estimation of leakage, heating, cooling or bleed air flow parameters for different fluid path sections while taking into account heat exchange of cooling flow with both stationary and rotating surfaces. 

The goal of this 4–day, 3 hours per day, online course is to teach attendees how to successfully use AxSTREAM NET™, a 1D system modeling solver based on finite volume method that uses a thermal-fluid network approach to simulate secondary flows and heat transfer at steady and unsteady (transient) conditions, for their respective design projects.

The course scope includes:
  • An Introduction to the AxSTREAM NET™ software
  • AxSTREAM NET™ components and how to use them
  • Use of component libraries including flow, solid, heat transfer, surface and boundary condition elements, etc.
  • Creation of steady-state and transient (unsteady) scenarios to perform static and dynamic simulations of thermal-fluid systems in various applications including but not limited to pipelines, heat exchangers, cooled gas turbines, etc.
Who should attend:
  • Engineers interested in receiving a detailed overview of best practices and uses of the AxSTREAM NET™ module
  • Design and development engineers, who are involved in the design, analysis, and optimization process of thermal-fluid systems 
  • Commissioning engineers, sales engineers and project managers who participate in design and optimization process of turbomachinery
  • Engineering students looking for a comprehensive, theory-rich and hands-on course allowing them to meet the requirements of their future clients
Online Course Schedule for AxSTREAM NET™
Centrifugal Compressor Design Online WorkshopJune 21, 22, 24, 27, 29, and July 1 (Tues/Wed/Fri/Mon/Wed/Fri)10:00 AM - 01:00 PM EDT6 SessionsRegister