Axial Turbine Design Online Course

A racecar without a properly trained driver simply serves no useful purpose and might even be dangerous. Software is somewhat similar. Without proper training, users can be left with incomplete knowledge about the software capabilities, which leads to misuse of the tool, erroneous results, or missed project deadlines.

This hands-on course lasts 4 days (up to 3 hours per day) and is aimed toward mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge (including for evaluation purposes) on how to use the AxSTREAM® software for the design, analysis, redesign and optimization of axial turbines. Contents can be adapted to focus on steam, gas, hydraulic or other types of turbines.

Gas Turbine in AxSTREAM

The course scope includes:
  • Preliminary design (for clean-sheet designs as well as redesigns, creation of digital siblings, etc.)
  • Meanline/streamline calculations (for accurate determination of performance, flow parameter distributions, etc. using 1D and 2D solvers)
  • Off-design performance prediction (to create performance maps and perform parametric studies)
  • Optimization (using various types of Design of Experiments methodologies)
  • Profiling and blade design (complete profiling of blade sections as well as their stacking based on blade parameters determined during conceptual design or from imported models)
  • 3D FEA (stress analyses including static, modal, harmonic, hot-to-cold, cold-to-hot analyses as well as Campbell and interference diagrams)
  • 3D CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
  • Reverse engineering (from limited geometric data as well as using 3D CAD/cloud of point models of as-is hardware which makes it the perfect tool to create digital twin models)
  • 1-month trial license of AxSTREAM®
  • The registration fee is $1200 ($300 per person per day)
Who should attend:
  • Mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn about or refresh their knowledge on axial turbines
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxCYCLE™ and AxSTREAM® Platform
  • Students or professors seeking to expand their educational horizons in axial turbine design
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