Axial Compressor Design Online Training

This 8-day, 3 hours per day, online course will take you through the fundamentals of axial compressor design using SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM® platform and covers the full design process (preliminary design, meanline/streamline calculations, off-design performance prediction, optimization, blade profiling, 3D stress and computational fluid dynamics, etc.) of axial compressors. Additionally, this course offers in-depth technical demonstrations as well as some practice exercises through the provided learning material which can be reviewed with the instructor during the next online session.

The course scope includes:
  • Classification of compressors
  • Gas dynamics
  • Gas (Brayton) cycles
  • Basic design layouts, compressor stage design and multistage compressor design
  • Compressor design parameters and work process
  • Compression work distribution between stages
  • Losses in axial compressors
  • Compressor design and off-design modes including choke, surge and stall phenomena
  • Profiling and blade design including compressor profile series (MCA, DCA, NASA, etc.)
Who should attend:
  • Mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on axial compressors
  • Students or professors seeking to expand their educational horizons in axial compressor design

* Axial Compressor Design online courses are by request only. Request more information here