Axial Turbine Design: 5-Day Training Course Overview


The goal of this course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of steam and gas turbines and help them find new, more accurate, cost-saving solutions through successful axial turbine design and operation tasks.

This course will familiarize attendees with the full process of steam and gas turbine design, analysis and optimization. The program includes theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience with industry-leading software tools. It will start with a theoretical overview of turbine thermodynamics, gas dynamics and cycles, to continue with preliminary design, detailed design, analysis and optimization of axial turbines at the 1D, 2D and 3D levels including 3D blade design, FEA and CFD analysis before looking deeply into all these within the AxSTREAM® platform. Each training section contains exercises to ensure the information is understood and can be effectively applied to engineering challenges.

The course scope includes:
  • Steam, ORC, gas and combined cycles
  • Classification of turbines, layouts and factors affecting their operation
  • Gas dynamics and working fluid properties
  • Steam and gas turbine designs – fundamental turbine stage components and parameters
  • Initial turbine sizing – multistage turbines (conceptual design)
  • Turbine optimization and detailed design
  • Losses in axial turbines
  • Off-design performance prediction
  • Start-up and shut-down
  • Profiling for aerodynamics and mechanical integrity
  • 3D blade design including twist, direct/compound lean, tilt and sweep
  • Structural and vibration analyses
  • Blade fastening (disk, root, shroud, lashing wires)
  • Blade cooling
  • Tertiary components
  • Turbine retrofitting
  • OEM turbine designs

“The training exceeded my expectations. The exposure to a complex design and analysis program was made simple and easy to understand and utilize. The training will allow for continued use of the software.”

– Member of the Ethos Energy team

Who should attend:
  • Engineers aspiring to deepen their understanding of steam and gas turbine essentials as a way of improving the overall design practice.
  • Design and development engineers of power generation and transportation industries with project and product responsibility.
  • Technical managers seeking to improve or expand their product range by incorporating innovative engineering solutions into the turbomachinery design process.
  • Academics that are teaching turbomachinery design and need specialized course, tools and reference material based on the latest engineering findings.
  • The registration fee for commercial organizations is $3,500.00 ($700.00 per day per individual)
  • The registration fee for academic organizations is $3,000.00 ($600.00 per day per individual)
  • Register by August 28th to receive $500 off the course fee
  • Group discounts are available upon request

SoftInWay provides a one month AxSTREAM® software license for all course attendees. This allows attendees to continue turbomachinery education after finishing the training program.

Axial Turbine Design Training23 - 27 October 2023 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM EDT Boston, MA, USARegister
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