Centrifugal Compressor and Fan Design: 5-Day Training Course Overview

This 5-day (8 hours per day) comprehensive course includes multiple topics, starting with the basics of fluid dynamics and ending with a detailed overview of single-stage and multistage centrifugal compressors, fans and blowers design.


Centrifugal Compressor Design


The course content is split between theoretical sections (2 days) and practical ones (3 days) to ensure the materials presented was understood. The practical, workshop part takes trainees through the full design process of centrifugal compressors and fans for various applications using the AxSTREAM® software platform. To provide students with a better understanding of the materials covered, the course features numerous real-life examples and exercises.

The scope includes:
  • Thermodynamic, aerodynamic basics
  • Flow and fluid properties
  • Primary centrifugal compressor and fan elements, stage analysis
  • Compressor and fan preliminary design
  • Impeller types, sizing and design
  • Splitter blades
  • IGV (inlet guide vanes) and restaggering
  • Vaned and vaneless diffusers including wedge and low-solidity diffusers
  • Volute types, sizing and aerodynamics
  • Slip factor and velocity triangles
  • Understanding and reducing losses in compressors and fans
  • Multi-stage compressor design considerations and their components
  • Design of experiment applications in centrifugal compressor and fan optimization
  • Performance and off-design compressor and fan analysis including choke, stall and surge predictions
  • Blade profile generation and 3-D shape configuration, flow in channel
  • Centrifugal compressor retrofitting
  • Components matching

The ever-expanding demand for minimizing energy consumption is setting the stage for more eco-friendly engineering solutions. This Centrifugal Compressor and Fan Design course (Fundamentals and AxSTREAM® workshop which provides in-depth hands-on experience with industry-standard tools) was developed to enable mechanical engineers to respond to evolving industry needs and to produce high-efficiency turbomachinery.

Who should attend:
  • Engineers specializing in centrifugal compressor design and maintenance of single and multi-stage compressors for various industrial applications, turbochargers, radial fans and centrifugal blowers.
  • Engineers involved in the turbomachinery design and optimization process who are also interested in finding new, cost-effective solutions.
  • Engineering and turbomachinery scholars seeking to gain a practical understanding of centrifugal compressor basics, compressors fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and structural analysis.
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering professors who need valuable course and reference material to ensure comprehensive, industry-focused training for their students.
  • The registration fee for commercial organizations is $3,000.00 ($600.00 per day per individual)
  • The registration fee for  academic organizations is $2,500.00 ($500.00 per day per individual)

SoftInWay provides a one-month AxSTREAM® software license for all course attendees to continue turbomachinery education after finishing of the training program.

*Please note that the course schedule is not fixed and could be customized following the specific attendees’ requirements and needs.


Centrifugal Compressor and Fan Design Courses are by request only. Please contact us for more information.Request Course


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