AxSTREAM ION™ Workshop: 2-Day Training Workshop Overview

This 2-day introductory training provides participants with an overview of AxSTREAM ION™ and its functionalities as a process integration and design optimization (PIDO) software framework that allows connection of various tools to let users pilot their projects hands-off in a user-friendly and flexible package. No prerequisites are required to attend the course.

An infinite number of workflows can be created to craft the perfect multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) scheme for your applications and automatically iterate between design and analysis steps to reduce cost and design cycle time.

ION Graphic - Training

Upon completion, participants will be able to utilize the AxSTREAM ION™ software to integrate solvers and scripts within an automated workflow to run repetitive tasks, parametric studies, and multidisciplinary optimizations for a wide range of tasks. They will also receive a free 30-day trial license of AxSTREAM ION™ to continue exploring the capabilities of the software.

The scope includes:
  • Basics of process flows and their elements
  • Creation of simple examples illustrating possible uses of each of the modeling blocks available (Map, design of experiment, optimization, etc.)
  • Use of custom scripts for user-defined formulas and programs
  • Use of subsystems to combine smaller schemes into larger systems
  • Connection with AxSTREAM® modules and 3rd party software for different parts of design flow process (for example, data input from Microsoft Excel formulas)
  • Investigation of different scenarios based on outputs of condition-based schemes
  • Exploration of design alternatives for optimization of the object of interest
  • Execution of extensive what-if analyses within the push of a button
  • Creation of graphs and tables to review run results
Who should attend:
  • Engineers looking to improve product reliability and performances through a hands-off workflow that also runs during the evening/weekend when you are not physically (hopefully!) in the office
  • New and future AxSTREAM ION™ users and anyone else interested in learning more about this new module
  • Mechanical, design and application engineers looking to automate their processes
  • Engineers currently working with some AxSTREAM® modules that want to take their design process to the next level (feel free to bring your own projects and tasks too!)
  • Application engineers looking to automatically select the best available equipment to perform at given conditions and propose a bid quickly for any project

This course is customized on an individual basis to provide trainees with examples they can apply for their particular turbomachinery systems and applications.

AxSTREAM ION Workshops are by request only. Please contact us for more information.Request Course