Axial Compressor Design Chinese Online Workshop

8am - 11am, Beijing Time | December 5 - 8th 2019



Axial compressors are essential components of large gas turbines such as aero engines, high speed ship engines, power stations, large volume air separation plants, blast furnace air, fluid catalytic cracking air, propane dehydrogenation and more.

The goal of this workshop is to teach engineers how to perform axial compressor/fan design, analysis, redesign and optimization asks with the leading innovative, more accurate, cost-saving solution. It provides a hands-on experience to apply the theoretical knowledge on axial compressors by performing conceptual design, various types of analyses, blade profiling, 3D FEA & CFD and so much more, using the latest version of the AxSTREAM® platform.

This workshop will include 4 sessions, 3 hours per session, one-on-one design consultation with one of our SoftInWay teachers. Upon completion, participants will be able to design and optimize a complete 3D flow path from basic boundary conditions data and will receive a free 30-day trial license of the software to continue their progress towards building more efficient turbomachines.

The scope includes:

  • Compressor/fan booster stage design and multistage compressor preliminary design
  • Compressor design and off-design analysis including choke, surge and stall, optimization of conceptual design
  • Profiling and 3D blade design of rotors and stators (including IGV and OGV)
  • Practical design examples
  • Structural analysis of axial compressors (FEA)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Brief introduction of some of our other modules for rotor dynamics, secondary flow, and thermodynamic cycle analysis

Who should attend:

  • Engineers involved in the axial compressor/booster stage design and optimization process who are looking for ways to improve the design process and significantly improve production speed
  • Engineers who are interested in learning how to use AxSTREAM® for design, analysis and optimization of axial compressor/fan
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxSTREAM® platform, including for evaluation purpose

Dates: Dec. 5~8, 2019, 8am-11am Beijing Time

Location: Online (Webex)


  • $800/person for companies
  • $400/person for academical

Payment: Online payment with Wechat, Alipay, PayPal.


SoftInWay Consulting Engineer, Dr. Lanzy Xue

Wechat ID: lanzyxue