Axial Compressor and Fan Design: 4-Day Training Course Overview

The goal of this course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of axial compressors and fans by helping them find new, more accurate, cost-saving solutions through successful axial compressor/fan design, optimization and operation tasks. Starting with the theoretical contents, this course will give an overview of what axial compressors/fans are, how they work, what their place is in thermodynamics cycles, how to design them and so on. The second part provides a hands-on experience applying the knowledge learned in the previous section through the use of the AxSTREAM® platform for the design, analysis and optimization of this type of turbomachines. Both the fundamentals and workshop parts are complemented with exercises to ensure understanding of the course contents.

This course lasts 4 days, 8 hours per day, and is geared towards mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on axial compressors and fans. The curriculum covers a wide range of subject areas beginning with general gas dynamics and cycles and ending with some practical design examples of compressors in operation. Consideration of noise will also be addressed.

The scope includes:
  • Thermodynamics, aerodynamic basics, flow and fluid properties
  • Classification of compressors and fans
  • Basic design layouts, compressor/fan stage design and multistage compressor design
  • Thermodynamic Brayton cycles technology
  • Design of rotors and stators (including IGV and OGV)
  • Compressor /fan design parameters and work processes
  • Velocity triangles
  • Optimization of number of blades and stages
  • Losses in axial compressors and fans
  • Compressor /fan design and off-design modes including choke, surge and stall phenomena
  • Profiling and 3D blade design including various compressor/fan profile series
  • Practical design examples
  • Structural analysis of axial compressors/fans (FEA)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Who should attend:
  • Mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on axial compressors and/or fans
  • Students or professors seeking to expand their educational horizons in axial compressor and fan design
  • The registration fee for commercial organizations is $2,80.00 ($700.00 per day per individual)
  • The registration fee for academic organizations is $2,400.00 ($600.00 per day per individual)
  • Group discounts are available upon request

SoftInWay provides a one-month AxSTREAM® software license for all course attendees. This allows attendees to continue turbomachinery education after finishing the training program.

Axial Compressor Design Courses3 - 6 December 202409:00 AM to 05:30 PM ETBoston, MA, USARegister
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