Turbocharger Cycles

AxCYCLE® for Turbocharger Cycles

AxCYCLE™ software scheme for Turbocharger Cycles
AxCYCLE software scheme for Turbocharger Cycles

Since AxCYCLE® is based on numerous thermodynamic cycles, you can choose, design and analyze turbocharger elements (compressor and turbine) efficiently and in a short amount of time.AxCYCLE® from SoftInWay lets you model every phase of the design for diesel engines with a turbocharger from cycle analysis.

For turbocharger configuration, several default schemes are available in AxCYCLE® (single or double-charged turbocharger, with or without cooling, etc.) and each component parameter can be specified. For example:

  • Number of strokes and piston diameter for the diesel engine
  • Ambient temperature
  • Cooler cooling factor
  • Radial compressor pressure raise at design point

Other benefits of using AxCYCLE® for Turbocharger Cycles:

  • AxCYCLE® is integrated in the design process
  • Input of mandatory data to get the turbomachinery elements’ boundary conditions as cycle results almost instantaneously
  • Generate automated, printer-friendly reports
  • Results can be saved to be used in AxSTREAM® for design purposes
  • Compressor pressure raise at design point, fuel combustion lower heat, turbine rotational speed, etc. can be specified
  • Fuel lower heating value

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