Turbopump Design Technologies - Software and Services

At SoftInWay we continue to position ourselves as leaders in innovative turbomachinery design for the aerospace and space exploration industry. By working closely with clients such as Orbex, Blue Origin, Reaction Engines, ASIRI, and numerous other players (including military and defense contractors), we are able to understand our customer’s design challenges and provide them with the software tools and support needed to overcome these challenges, meet deadlines faster, and achieve higher levels of performance in their rocket engine turbopump technology.


AxSTREAM.SPACE™ was created for organizations and startups in the space industry that are working on innovating technology in space propulsion. Using AxSTREAM.SPACE™, engineers can run through each step of the development process from conceptual design, to geometry of the turbomachinery components, the nozzles, and the engine.

With AxSTREAM.SPACE™, users will be able to:

  • Perform 1D/2D/3D aerodynamic design and structural analysis on turbopump components (oxidizer and fuel pumps as well as turbine(s)).
  • Design the rocket nozzle and the accompanying cooling system/measures.
  • Execute the full scope of rotor dynamics and bearing design and analysis.
  • Design, analyze and optimize the entire rocket engine layout.
  • Perform system level design and analysis including modeling piping, secondary flows, as well as determine leakages and optimize axial forces.
  • Automate the entire design and development process for the turbopump and its components to save on time and human resources while ensuring optimal system integration.
Turbopump Design Services

When our company was founded 20 ago, its original focus was in turbomachinery consulting. Since then, we have expanded into many different sectors and markets but our core foundation remains. Our turbomachinery engineering service team has been chosen by customers across the globe to serve as an extension of our clients engineering team. Armed with AxSTREAM®, our expertise enables us to develop top-of-the-line rocket engine turbopump technology for your aerospace project.

Contact us to learn more and check out some of our capabilities below!

  1. Project Definition and Technical Specifications
  2. Preliminary Design & Feasibility Studies
  3. Research & Development
  4. Analysis of Existing Machines
  5. Turbomachinery Retrofitting & Upgrades
  6. FEA/CFD Analysis
  7. Heat Transfer Simulations
  8. Rotor Dynamics
  9. Complete Design Process (steps 1-8)