Steam Turbine Design Technologies - Software and Services

It goes without saying that designing an efficient steam turbine is no simple task. The time investment alone can be daunting, let alone the cost. Taking on a project such as this can be extremely difficult and it is with this in mind that SoftInWay developed AxSTREAM in 2003 for axial turbines with an emphasis on steam turbine design. Our extensive expertise provide us with the capabilities to both assist clients with design, analysis, and optimization of steam turbines, and develop the tools to create an efficient, highly functional piece of turbomachinery while cutting costs and saving time. 

AxSTREAM® for Steam Turbine Design

The AxSTREAM platform is a multidisciplinary turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization software tool. AxSTREAM® progresses through a 1D inverse task solver optimizer, to continue with meanline (1D) and axisymmetric (2D) analysis, profiling and 3D blade design, 3D finite element analysis (FEA) for structural calculations, secondary air flow hydraulic and thermal calculations, rotor design, bearing analysis, rotor dynamics and 3D CFD calculations. All of this is integrated into one steam turbine design software package with a seamless user interface.

AxSTREAM provides full design and analysis cycles for steam turbine projects in a flexible and integrated environment. The tasks a user can solve with AxSTREAM include:

  • Design new steam turbine machines from scratch
  • Steam turbine design calculations
  • Analyze existing steam turbines and their performance
  • Redesign, optimize and upgrade existing steam turbines
  • Reverse engineer steam turbine designs
AxCYCLE® for Steam Turbine Optimization

At the system level AxCYCLE allows modeling, at design and off-design conditions, the entire Rankine or combined cycle in which the steam turbine will work and even perform some techno-economical studies and optimizations for the overall system. Some of AxCYCLE's capabilities include:

  • The ability to input mandatory data to get the turbomachinery elements’ boundary conditions as cycle results are almost instantaneous
  • Generation of automated, printer-friendly reports
Steam Turbine Services

SoftInWay began in 1999 as an engineering consulting firm specializing in turbomachinery.  As we've continued throughout the years, our services have expanded, but our goals have remained the same. We pride ourselves on empowering each client to to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects. We aim to be an extension of your engineering team, helping each client to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects. We provide exceptional consulting talent in the challenging field of rotating turbomachinery from turbines to compressors and fans to pumps.  We can assist you with your steam turbine design, analysis, and optimization from the initial concept to production. Project areas that we specialize in include:

  1. Project definition and technical specifications
  2. Preliminary design and feasibility studies
  3. Research and development
  4. Analysis of existing machines
  5. Turbomachinery retrofitting and upgrades
  6. FEA/CFD analysis
  7. Heat transfer simulations
  8. Rotor dynamics
  9. Complete design process (steps 1-8)
Technical Papers

Over the years, we have written a number of technical papers on the subject of steam turbines. To read these papers, explore the links below.

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