Turbocharger - Software and Services

Turbochargers are one of the most commonly used pieces of turbomachinery across a variety of industries. It is essential that the design process for the creation of these machines is carried out in efficient and precise procedures by a team of engineers with decades of Turbocharger design experience. Whether to be through our consulting services or through utilizing our flagship software, SoftInWay can assist you with the design and optimization of even the most difficult of your turbocharger projects. 

AxSTREAM® for Turbochargers

AxSTREAM provides full design and analysis cycles for Turbocharger projects in a flexible and integrated environment. The tasks user can solve with AxSTREAM include:

  • Design new turbocharger machines from scratch
  • Analyze existing turbochargers and their performance at design and off-design conditions
  • Redesign, optimize and upgrade existing turbochargers
  • Reverse engineer turbocharger designs
AxCYCLE® for Turbochargers

For turbocharger configuration, several schemes are available in AxCYCLE™ (single or double-charged turbocharger, with or without cooling, etc.) and each component parameter can be specified. For example:

  • Number of strokes and piston diameter for the diesel engine
  • Ambient temperature
  • Cooler cooling factor
  • Radial compressor pressure rise at design point
Turbocharger Services

The world class turbomachinery engineering services team at SoftInWay possesses a wealth of knowledge in theoretical, academic, and in-the-field experience. This depth of expertise enables us to provide exceptional consulting services for Turbocharger design. We pride ourselves on empowering each client to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects. From the initial concept to the completed 3D model and all the steps in between, we are here to assist.

Project areas that we specialize in include:

  1. Project definition and technical specifications
  2. Preliminary design and feasibility studies
  3. Research and development
  4. Analysis of existing machines
  5. Turbomachinery retrofitting and upgrades
  6. FEA/CFD analysis
  7. Heat transfer simulations
  8. Rotor dynamics
  9. Complete design process (steps 1-8)
Technical Papers

Development of Efficient Compressors for Turbochargers

Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2017 |  June 26-30, 2017, Development of Efficient Compressors for Turbochargers |Turbo Energy Private Ltd