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Power Generation Turbomachinery Solutions 

Many power generation systems have at their heart a fundamental reliance on turbomachinery and with energy production steadily increasing, there is a distinct set of challenges that comes with this industry. New power generation facilities will encounter stringent construction requirements and the need to comply with a host of stakeholders. Existing power systems will need to undergo retrofitting and redesign to fall in line with a greener world.

Considerations for any power system, new or existing, include efficiency, optimization, cost, longer life-cycle of components, and keeping pace with current environmental restrictions. Given the scale of some of these projects, accurate early-stage design is critical for project success whether it’s new construction or retrofit.

At SoftInWay we have built our reputation on creating accurate preliminary design models for such projects. Our strength in engineering and power plant consulting combined with our AxCYCLE® heat balance calculation software are core offerings of success for turbomachinery design in the power generation sector. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Power plant components and system
  • Power plant design
  • Power plant economics
  • Hydrogen generators and lubrication systems.
  • Cooling system and heat exchangers.
  • Feedwater systems
  • Cooling water circuits

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