Customized Approach

Every client, project, and application, comes with a specific set of constraints and usually requires a different solution. Our approach for each project – whether it is a turbine, pump, compressor, or cycle – begins with a detailed discussion of project challenges, expectations, and desired outcomes. This allows our engineering experts to help our customers define technical requirements and select the type of machine and data required for optimal equipment design and efficiency of analysis.

Based on the outcome of these discussions (and in accordance with world standards) SoftInWay is able to compose technical specifications for project development.

During the course of our practice there have been many instances where we have started from scratch with our clients. In fact, there have been instances where the genesis of a project was presented to us as nothing more than a sketch of angles on note paper accompanied by the question, “How do we make this work?”

In each case our technical experts generated the appropriate requirements and performed all necessary design steps in support of our customers’ product life cycle.

We will do the same for you.

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