Preliminary Design & Feasibility Studies

Once technical specifications have been defined, preliminary designs and feasibility studies can begin to determine the viability of a project, idea or system.

Based on the initial project requirements, our engineers will help determine the most relevant machine configuration, parameters, arrangement, operating conditions, and design constraints.

In many cases the conceptual and preliminary designs are performed from scratch on the basis of the customer’s specifications only and do not require any initial prototype. However, sometimes a customer may want to examine an existing machine for benchmarking or as a starting point. SoftInWay has excellent tools to simplify this task.

At this stage the most value can be added in terms of improving efficiency from existing designs.

Preliminary Design

Typically some basic aero design, FEA, and CFD work is integrated into this design process. As a result, the customer receives a basic layout, flow path, and major component models which satisfy customer CTQs on power, efficiency and reliability.

Preliminary design and feasibility studies allow us to realistically evaluate the feasibility of the project specifications and to conclude whether or not to continue the research, or interrupt the process and go back to the “drawing board”.

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