Waste Heat Recovery System Design Online Course

This comprehensive, 10-day, 3 hours per day, course gives an in-depth insight into cycle analysis as well as axial and radial turbine engineering, starting from general discussions of energy systems and opportunities for waste heat recovery (WHR) and ending with complete design of flow path and 3D blades for turbines with attachments.

The program includes about 30 hours of lectures on theoretical design of waste heat recovery systems and actual design process explanations for the cycle and the turbine component.

The goal of this course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of waste heat recovery systems; what they are, how they can be used and useful and how to design and optimize them to provide a greener way to convert energy.

This course will familiarize attendees with the basics of waste heat recovery thermodynamic cycles as well as axial and radial turbines. The program will start with a theoretical overview of WHR cycles, turbine thermodynamics, gas dynamics, aerodynamic of both axial and radial turbines, and end with typical examples implementing the suggested procedures.

Waste Heat Recovery Design Online Training:
  • Introduction to waste heat recovery, cycles, and AxCYCLE™
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Fundamentals of turbine design
  • Preliminary design of axial turbines
  • Preliminary design of radial turbines
  • Turbine analysis and optimization
  • Axial and radial turbine off-design performance prediction
  • Axial turbine 3D blade design
  • Impeller 3D blade design
  • FEA of axial & radial turbines
  • CFD of axial & radial turbines
  • Import of existing designs
  • Fluid designer
Who should attend:
  • Engineers aspiring to deepen their understanding of how the AxSTREAM and AxCYCLE software can allow them to more efficiently use the suite of tools to design, analyze and optimize waste heat recovery systems and their turbomachinery components (axial and radial turbines).
  • Engineers looking to evaluate the AxSTREAM software platform for operations on axial and/or radial turbines.
  • Engineers looking to evaluate the AxCYCLE tool for heat balance calculation of thermodynamic cycles, including but not limited to ORC, steam cycles, gas cycles, combined cycles, etc.
  • Technical managers seeking to improve or expand their product range by incorporating innovative engineering solutions into the turbomachinery design process for both components and systems.
  • Academics that are teaching turbomachinery design and/or heat balance calculation and need specialized tools that allow students to easily study the influence of design parameters on size, performance, etc.

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