AxSTREAM Lite – Software

AxSTREAM Lite – Free AxSTREAM edition for STU Students!

SoftInWay is pleased to offer a Lite version of its flagship AxSTREAM design suite – A free turbomachinery design software program.

AxSTREAM Lite provides basic functionality for preliminary design and mean-line analysis of Axial Turbines. Preliminary design in AxSTREAM Lite is equipped with a full version of the Solution Generator based on AxSTREAM Inverse Solver. This is coupled with the highly effective LPT Random Search engine. AxSTREAM Lite also offers an elaborate Design Space Explorer tool, which is useful for analyzing the generated solution set from numerous perspectives. Users of AxSTREAM Lite are also provided with the full functionality of Preliminary Design Modules.

AxSTREAM Lite also has a functional Mean-line Solver allowing for analysis tasks in different formulations – with mass flow rate definition for fixed inlet/outlet pressure, inlet pressure definition for fixed mass flow rate and unique tasks for defining exit flow angles for fixed flow rate and pressure. The AxSTREAM Lite Meanline Solver is also coupled with an effective multi-point calculation that allows for building a variety of turbine performance maps.

AxSTREAM Lite provides extended tables and charts for presentation of calculation results. There are also special options, which allow users to save and compare the results of different solver runs.

Constraints and Limitations
AxSTREAM Lite is a highly functional free turbine design software however it does have certain constraints and limits commercial use. Because of this, it uses ideal gas with predefined properties also, the maximum number of stages is limited to 5. Nevertheless, AxSTREAM Lite provides a great opportunity to learn and understand turbine design fundamentals and gives students the fundamental knowledge and experience needed to easily migrate to full commercial versions.

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